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Dima was born to a poor family in Russia under the name Dmitry Petrov - yes he has a standard russian name but I can't remember at this very moment. His father died in a factory accident before he ever got to know him really, and his mother was sickly. Therefore he and his brother Zakhar took primary care of the family. Dima dropped out of school to pick up work in the factories once he was old enough. They also had one sister, Anastasiya, who was abducted at a young age and submerged into the human trafficking rings in Russian-America. Needless to say, his luck was never good. Dima loved his family more than anything, but when his mother died and Anastasiya disappeared, he and Zak were unable to hold things together. Zak more or less lost his mind, and Dima turned to a life of criminal activity.

He grew to despise his name of Dmitry and went by several aliases, the most common being Dima (though he would insist it had no attachments to Dmitry). Occasionally he would only sign his name with a smiley face. His crimes were petty for the most part, but more than anything Dima desired power and status. These were things he of course never had and he thoroughly believed that if he possessed them, all his problems would be solved and he would be able to find Anastasiya. Occupations have included prostitution, teaching, mechanics, and politics. In 'verses where magic powers existed, his ability was negating other powers, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

There was little Dima would not do to make some cash or gain some power. His fate depends on the 'verse he's taken from, but either way he works his way up to some kind of power and status. Though he did get these things, he was never able to find his sister. His brother too died before Dima was ever able to make contact with him again. He became the longest living member of his family, which was not saying much.

Dima is extremely street smart, but not very book smart. For most of his life he could not spell very well and had trouble reading large words (this changed once he was older of course). He is sarcastic and pessimistic or apathetic, often answering everything with "Whatever." He has a certain amount of petulance that hasn't faded from youth. He is conniving and more or less coldhearted. However, the sliver of affection remaining from his old life occasionally does win out. He is ruthless to the rich and compassionate to the poor, and despite his lust for power, he does not like to rob others of their own choices, ultimately. Why did I write this in two tenses, the world may never know. Someday this may be more organized and pretty.


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